Meal of the month

Everyone has those moments…where in you wish you could turn back time. And do what you wanted to do. If you can turn the time back, we can correct our mistakes, hold your baby in your arms again (which is not possible since he is growing up like a coconut tree!), to stop that retort which hurt someone and to do so many things.

But at the moment, if I could turn back time, my wish would be to have these beauties once again. Ah well, since its a wish, I could have these again and again!

Rosh at Chef Al Dente has given us the oppurtunity to do something close to my wish. Her Meal of the Month series is all about pulling out a menu from our past recipes. Please participate and take a trip down the line in your blog’s archive :).

Breakfast : Granola

A healthy, yummy, fruit and nut filled Granola. This is my husband’s favorite  and I still make this now and then.





Lunch : Thai Massaman Curry

Thai Massaman Curry, served with plain rice and Ajaat, a simple pickled cucumber salad.





Dinner : Kothu Paratha and Lassi

Dinner would be Kothu Paratha (or chapati, as the case may be), served with a chilling onion raita. And I would wash it down with something nice and cool, like this lassi.









A simple, uncomplicated lassi flavored with pistachios.






Dessert: Chocolate cake

  A small piece from this chocolate cake would be a bliss!


3 thoughts on “Meal of the month

  1. That is such a fantastic menu!! Lovely clicks that has left me drooling…thanks for d fabulous intro. Loved it :-) Thanks for the entry. Will definitely include it in my round up for May. Happy cooking!!


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