Watermelon Juice

My parents have named me ‘Rajani’. They named me after the goddess Durga, but a more common meaning of my name is night/darkness.  And funny how things turn out to be, I live upto my name!

Try as I might, I cannot sleep early. I sleep well past midnight, and try as I might, I am not able to get rid of the habit.

I am at my in laws place now, where they sleep at decent hours like normal people. Once everyone sleeps off, I sneak out to the living room and sit there wondering what to do next. The computer is in the bedroom, so I can’t access it and the only alternative is television.

My faith in television has been long lost. Its only tragic incidents in the news channels, drama in the Hindi channels and advertisements in the rest.

Its nights like these, that makes me realize how much I am dependent on the internet. Its my main form of information and entertainment. I can’t imagine a day without internet! No wonder its now counted among the basic necessities along with food, water, clothes and shelter.

Like I cannot imagine a life without the internet, I cannot imagine summer without mangoes and watermelons. Both these fruits have started making an appearance in the market now.  Here is a simple watermelon juice, made with sweet water melon.


  • Watermelon  Cubes            :   1 cup, roughly chopped
  • Water                                        :    1/2 cup
  •  Lemon juice                           :    1 tbsp
  • Sugar                                         :     1-2 tsp


  1. Blend all the ingredients together till the sugar is dissolved.
  2. Serve chilled.
  3. You can try adding kala namak (black salt) and a pinch of pepper for a different take.

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16 thoughts on “Watermelon Juice

  1. I can nor sit a minute alteast in the front of TV but can sit with internet 24 hours you can understand how I am… but can sleep early in the night, good write up asusual and very beautiful pictures and yes can not imagen summer with out watermelon and mangoes both are my fav. fruits too. never add lemon juice to watermelon juice will try next time.


  2. Very beautiful setup and pictures rajani..I am impressed with the way your pictures are turning out!..Lol on the TV and drama..same here..no internet God knows what I will do!


  3. Just like you I can’t get the summer pass without watermelon and mangoes. The watermelon juice looks so thirst quenching. Amazing photographs, love it totally!!!


  4. Lovely presentation, wat a fabulous drink,definitely a thirsty quencher…Before a year, we had a problem with our net connection, i was frustrated how to spend my day without internet access, can understand ur situation Rajani..


  5. What beautiful clicks!! Looks inviting…I add a bit of ginger to this juice..

    Like you said internet has fallen into the ‘basic needs’ category and I can’t keep myself from sneaking a peak in my mbl wanting to know who posted what for BM..


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