Carrot Raisin Rolls

When my elder brother got a job and moved out of our house, it was a big change in our lives. Everyone at home would look forward to his bimonthly visits. We all would have a nice time together for 3-4 days.

But we all used to hate the day of his return travel. Not for sentimental reasons. The thing is, my big brother (to this day) is a last minute-r. He would start packing late and would rush out of the house at the last possible minute. Many a times, we have received a call from the bus travel agency, informing us that they are holding the bus for him.

His things would somehow have been scattered all around the house and we would be running in all possible directions to collect them for him. Its a huge sigh of relief when he actually boards the bus and leaves the place. Our BP level would be back to normal then.

This month’s Magic Mingle entry too did the same to me. I had enough and more time to prepare, I just didn’t. So I was rushing around at the last possible minute to send across my entry. I already have a Carrot Raisin Salad in the blog, so I thought I will make a different version of it. I made some Carrot Raisin Uthappam too, but that’s for posting some other time.


  • Chapati                                       :          1
  • Carrot                                         :           1/2 of a small carrot
  • Raisins                                        :           a handful
  • Cream cheese/Sandwich spread/Jam :           1 -2 tsp


  1. Grate the carrot and mix with the raisins. I had some left over crumbled paneer, I added that too to the filling.
  2. Spread the sandwich spread or jam on the chapati. Fill with the carrot filling and make a roll out of it.
  3. Cut into small rounds or serve the roll as such.

Note: The jam takes this a lot to the sweeter side. You can skip it if you dont want it.

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