Kiddo was having lunch today and he suddenly demanded the ‘yellow sweet dish’ he had the other day with dosa. He couldn’t recollect the name of the dish. After much thought, he said it sounded something like ‘grappoli’.

‘Grappoli’, I ask you!? What a clue to look for something! He couldn’t tell us whether it was solid, liquid or semi solid. When quizzed about the shape, he said it could be square, rectangle, circle or anything.

Now it was getting more confusing. Finally, I asked him whether he remembers where mommy took it from.

‘From the left side of the kitchen, Mommy’. I went to the left side. ‘The other left, Mommy’.

So I turned to my other left and that’s when the lightning struck. Jaggery. The yellow sweet thing that he had with the yellow dosa the other day!

They sell jaggery as cubes and as round balls too. So when you start grating, the end piece’s shape can be anything – square or rectangle or like a ball, depending on the shape you started with. It will be shapeless when grated using a vegetable peeler and served on the plate. The relief of knowing the answer finally, I tell you, cannot be described in words!

So here is the yellow moong dal pesarattu that was served with tomato chutney for my husband. But my son enjoyed these with a good serving of ‘grappoli’.

The original recipe can be read here.


  • Moong dal                           :        2 cups
  • Rice                                        :        2 tbsp
  • Green Chillies                    :        4 -5 , per taste
  • Ginger                                   :        1” piece
  • Onion                                    :         1 small, quartered


  1. Wash and clean dal and rice. Soak them in water for 6 hours or overnight.
  2. Drain the water, add the chillies, ginger and onion and grind to a smooth dosa batter consistency, adding water as required.
  3. Heat a tawa or a frying pan. Add half a teaspoon of oil and coat the base of the pan using a wooden spoon. Take a ladle full of batter, and pour and spread it in circular motion into a thin circle.
  4. Add a teaspoon of oil around the dosa and when there aren’t any wet patches left on the top side and the bottom begins to brown, carefully lift and flip over and cook the other side.
  5. Take off the pan, serve hot with ‘grappoli’ or a spicy chutney of your preference.

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9 thoughts on “Pesarattu

  1. I usually make Paniyaram with yellow moong n use green gram for dosa…yours yellow moong dosa looks so good n come out thin n crispy…loved it!!


  2. So cute about your kiddo. I can imagine your confusion, happens to me all the time. The pesarattu and the jaggery or adai and jaggery is my favorite combo too. Looks so delicious Rajani.


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