Banana Peanut butter Granola

Relaxing and taking the day easy means for most people, spending the day watching TV. No, not for me. I find watching TV nerve racking. Why? Because there are too many remotes!

With almost all the homes now having the DVD player and the Set Top Box, there are three remotes to handle if you want to watch TV.

After switching ON everything, I pick a remote randomly and then click.

Oh oh, the Set Top Box is switched off. Try with another remote, this time I would have switched off the DVD player. Last try and yes, the television comes to life. Only, it has a blank screen with absolutely nothing on it!

Oh, the Set Top Box was switched off! Now, which remote was it? Oops, wrong one – DVD player now switched on! Try again, oh, now TV is switched off!

By now, even the remote wish for watching something would have extinguished.

At this stage someone would help me with the remote(s). The TV would finally come to life – with programs in it.

And that’s when you realize its just not worth the effort!

All you have is news channels showing ads, skinny ladies wearing hankies and dancing to some weird sounds (they call it music now a days), women making fashion statements in MIL – DIL drama serials, people screaming or talking and passing it off as music! No, Thank You.

I guess I am much better off with my laptop. It has internet, it has games, it has recipes and it can play movies of my choice.

And it has just ONE on/off switch!

Now, for an uncomplicated recipe, that can be made in a jiffy and healthy to the boot. Put in a sandwich or have it as such, these are a great treat.


  • Banana                                                    :         1 per person
  • Peanut Butter                                       :         1 – 2 tsp
  • Granola /Whole wheat cereal        :         2 tbsp


  1. Slice the banana into 1″ thick rounds.
  2. Spread a little bit of peanut butter on them using a bread knife (not spoon, its a mess!).
  3. In a plate, take about 1- 2 tbsp granola. Lightly press the peanut butter side of the banana over it so that the granola sticks to it. Serve.

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20 thoughts on “Banana Peanut butter Granola

  1. After all these attempts when u successfully switch on the TV, 5 year old comes and takes the control over the remote and switches to his fav Cartoon Network or game channel!!!! Phew, TV i know it is a Black thing in My Hall!!!!!
    Peanut Butter Granola, Quick and Easy Snack!!!! Healthy too!!!!


  2. You are right. It happens in most of the households.I too prefer not to watch TV. Would love to read a book or cook. This snack is an absolute winner. Looks so delicious…


  3. Rajani….I too hate these remotes…keep fumbling with them and eventually just throw them n ..wat a sigh of relief!!…hey but I love these and for sure will serve them with ice cream as a dessert…Thanks for the innovative recipe!!


  4. Enjoyed the read…though I am quite ok with the remotes, I see my FIL struggle with it and always calling his granddaughter for help:)
    Btw, a simple, healthy and tasty recipe


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