Remembering Jayasree

A tribute to a great cook and a talented blogger.

Remembering Jayasree, who used to blog at Experiments in Kailas Kitchen.

I didn’t know her personally. I came across her blog through Blogging Marathon. Its still difficult to believe that the person who left a comment in my blog, not so long ago, is no more among us.

Jayasree’s blog has a lot of recipes that reminds me of home. Going through her recipes is like travelling back in time and opening the door to our old kitchen where my grand mother used to cook the same dishes.

As a tribute to Jayasree, I made Nugul-untallu ( Sesame Ladoo) from her blog.  You can find the recipe here.

I will be posting this in her FaceBook fan page, where a lot of her blogger friends and followers are doing the same. Thanks to her blogging friends, who came up with this idea. A fitting tribute for a person passionate about cooking.

Rest in Peace Jayasree. You will live forever through your blog!


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