Zucchini Salad

We do grocery shopping on weekends. The week before, I note down carefully of the things that I am running low, make a list and keep it handy around the kitchen. Armed with this list, I go to the supermarket, confident that I won’t overindulge. 

Scene at the store: I would be digging my handbag, looking for the shopping list which would have

a)either disappeared among the sea of papers inside the handbag or

b)been left back at home, in the kitchen counter itself.

Try hard as I might, my memory would fail me in that hour of need. In the end, I would end up shopping happily, picking up everything as I go around. At the counter, I would find that kiddo has done his own shopping and that hubby has picked up all the deep fried snacks he could find!

So finally, we come home lugging kilos and kilos of necessary and unnecessary items, which would lie around the house until I feel guilty and use them up before they go bad.

Zucchini was one of such purchases from the last trip. After about a week in the fridge, I used it up as a salad. I don’t remember the source of this recipe, it was from the internet.


  • Zucchini                :     1 small
  • Cheese cube        :      1, grated
  • Lemon Juice       :      2 tsp (per taste)
  • Olive oil                :      1 – 2 tbsp
  • Salt and Pepper


  1. Cut the zucchini into thin strips using a vegetable peeler.
  2. Mix it with all the other ingredients and serve.

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