Garlic Fried Rice

I was sleepy, cranky and travelling in train, trying to entertain an active kid who wanted attention. That’s when the phone started ringing. In vibration mode.

I could feel it, but couldn’t locate the instrument. I checked inside the 100 compartments of my handbag, dipped my hand into my sleeping husband’s jeans pockets, stood up and checked the seat I was sitting on. It was a relief for the passenger next to me when I finally located the mobile.

Only, the phone wasn’t ringing.

The vibration sound was from my tummy! I was hungry and my tummy was ringing the alarm for food. I didn’t realize it at all! Embarrassing. Really Embarrassing.

And slowly saying my thanks to the moving train, which muffled my tummy’s scream from others, I started attacking every single food vendor who passed my way.

This is what happens, when you forget things that shouldn’t be forgotten. Forget having your breakfast and your tummy will revenge you out!

So before this Garlic Rice post (which has been sitting in my drafts folder for long) goes angry on me, let me publish it. Head over to Lady J’s Musings to see the original recipe.


  • Cooked Rice     :        2 cups
  • Garlic                  :        2 bulbs, peeled and chopped
  • Eggs                     :        2, slightly beaten
  • Butter                  :       2 tbsp
  • Spring Onions  :       for decoration
  • Salt and Pepper


  1. Heat 1 tbsp butter in a pan and fry the garlic pieces till brown. Do not burn them. Keep aside.
  2. In the same pan, melt the remaining butter and add the rice. Saute the rice for a minute and then add the eggs. Stir continuously till the egg is absorbed into the rice.
  3. Add the garlic pieces and mix thoroughly. Add salt and pepper. Cook for a minute more.
  4. Decorate with spring onions and serve hot.


This tasted very good, but it required some effort to keep stirring while the eggs were getting cooked. To make it even more easier, I will skip the eggs next time and spice it up a bit more using chili flakes or green chilies.

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6 thoughts on “Garlic Fried Rice

  1. LOL, you were hungry! Your garlic fried rice sounds fantastic though. A nice, stick-to-your-ribs kind of dish. I love garlic so I will be giving this a try. Thanks for sharing your recipes with the hearth and Soul Hop.


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