A Cool Lassi(e)

The minute I came to know about two days off in a row for my kid and husband, I started packing. Our choice of vacation spots are almost always the same. My parents place or my brother’s place. With my parents on their own vacation (humph!) the only choice is my brother’s place.

The place has an added attraction of my 3 month old niece, who coos and goos and does the most cute belly laugh when the mood hits her. So there is a good demand for live entertainment and the place is overcrowded with grandparents, aunts and uncles making funny faces and noises. I am here, determined to do my share for my niece!

For Radhika’s Blog Hop Wednesdays, I am assigned to Vatsala’s awesome blog for this week. I get things done only in the last minute and this time, since my camera’s memory card got damaged, I had to wait till I reached my brother’s place. I had to cook after I reached there and had to use his camera to take the pictures.

After a sleepless night of travel, I preferred something comforting to perk me up. Hey, I have some serious comedy to do for the little one! So finally zeroed down on the all time favorite, Lassi from Valsala’s blog. The pistachos really added a ‘rich’ flavor to this.


  • Yogurt                                    :   1 cup per person
  • Chopped Pistachos            :   1/2 tsp per glass
  • Sugar / Salt                           :   per taste
  • Vanilla Extract                    :  1/2 tsp, if using sugar (optional)
  • Ice Cubes                              :   Optional, if using cool yogurt


  1.  Blend the yogurt with sugar or salt, per preference. You can add vanilla extract too here.
  2. Pour into a glass, add the ice cubes and decorate with pistachos.

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