Black and White Wednesday

A black and white photo of the miniature utensil set, made out of clay, which I had bought long back. This set has a lot of utensils, which formed a part of daily life in the olden days. The clay stove, stone grinders (ammi, ural, chakki, attu kallu), a knife with seat attached (arimamana) are among the things which were used extensively till even about 20 years back. Now they are all near oblivion since everyone has moved towards electrical grinders.

I bought this set from DakshinaChitra, a heritage living museum in ECR, Chennai. Its a beautiful place to visit and I would strongly recommend it if you are visiting Chennai.

When you look at these things, they bring back a wave of nostalgia. For me, these things remind me of my granny. Many a times I have sat with her, while she was grinding dosa batter in the aattu kallu.

I can never look at the chakki, without thinking of the famous comical suicide scene from the block buster Sholay – “When I dead, Police coming! Police coming, budhia (old woman) going jail. In jail, budhia chakki peesing and peesing and peesing and peesing.”

Linked to Susan’s Black & White Wednesday.


13 thoughts on “Black and White Wednesday

  1. I was googling for “aatu kallu” to show my daughter how this apparatus and i chanced upon ur pics. I loved the pics and the miniatures. Do you remember where u bought them?


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