Good Old Times – B&W Wednesday

This photo was taken in Nov 2007 at DakshinaChitra. The small kitchen in the picture showcases utensils used in the kitchen long time back. My grand mother would have used these, around 40 years back. I am familiar with the pots and pans here, but I have never seen a hanging stand for ladles (top left), nor the coconut scraper with an attached bowl (right side of the vegetables).

DakshinaChitra is a must-see place in Chennai. It preserves and showcases South Indian art, craft and architecture in the most beautiful form. You can say that its kind of a museum. They have even built houses in the same model as it was years back. My father was really happy to see this place. He could see a lot of things that were part of  his childhood, but has faded away with time.

Linked to Susan’s Black & White Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Good Old Times – B&W Wednesday

  1. How different from a Western kitchen this lovely space is, such organization and cultural beauty. Thanks so much, Rajani, for your Black and White Wednesday image.


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