Yum Yum Breakfast

I was looking for a baked biriyani recipe now and have finally zeroed down on the recipe. I was planning to blog about that for the Bookmarked Tuesdays event. But since its still in the oven, I decided to have a look at the entries for this week. One of the blogs had this recipe for a simple Banana Biscuit Milkshake in the archives. One look at it and I knew I had to try it.

And so here I am, having a sip of this tasty and filling yum yum milkshake.

And here is the virtual treat for you all – Simple, yet divine. There are a lot of kid friendly recipes there, I am particularly eyeing at the bright carrot idlis… hmmm…may be for the next tuesday :).


Cool Milk : 1/2 – 1 cup

Banana : 1

Glucose biscuits/cookies : 4-5


  1. Blend everything together till smooth. There shouldn’t be any lumps in the milkshake.
  2. Milk needs to be adjusted according to your preferred consistency.

So, I am entering this recipe for Aipi’s and Priya’s Bookmarked Tuesdays.

Sending this to Healing foods : Banana, Hearth and Soul Hop and Serve it : Chilled as well.


5 thoughts on “Yum Yum Breakfast

  1. wow Rajani! Honestly, I loved your presentation.. looks much more creative than mine!
    I hope you liked the milkshake!!! Oooh am excited.. you are the first one ever to bookmark and post a dish from my blog!


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