Orange Mint Water

Bebo has a thing for orange. Anytime we go to a restaurant, he would ask us to buy him a glass of orange juice in his tiny cute voice. Given that his food intake is following the current stock market pattern, we always oblige to this request. The funny part is that he always thinks for a minute or two before giving the order. He goes “Mmmm..Mmmm..” and taps his head as if giving it a lot of thought and then, comes back to the same old orange juice :-)).

At home if I make a juice or smoothie, he frowns and analyses it from every angle and skeptically takes one sip. If he likes it, he would drink – else its me who has to down it.

Sometime back, we had been to a restaurant where they had kept big pitchers full of mint and lemon water. They had added a handful of fresh mint leaves and a whole lemon, pricked a few times with a fork, to a pitcher full of ice cold water. Not only was it looking good, the taste was refreshing too.

So just trying a simple version of the same, but with my son’s favorite fruit instead of lemon.


Orange : 1 medium, cleaned and sliced to give round discs

Mint leaves : 1 -2 handful

Water : 4-5 glasses or 1 pitcher full


  1. Put everything together in a pitcher and refrigerate for at least one hour. I kept mine overnight.
  2. You can keep refilling the water for one whole day till the fruit is fresh.
  3. Serve cold and beat the heat the cool mint way.

I am sending this to Priya’s Veggie/Fruit a Month event, hosted at Savitha’s Kitchen this time. This one also goes to Srivalli’s Kid’s Delight, hosted by PJ of Seduce your taste buds. Linking this to This Week’s Cravings too.


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