Healthy Breakfast

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that our kitchens are looking a lot like ‘Prestige Smart Kitchen’ showrooms? I mean, our kitchen is like a small electrical appliances store. From the bulky refrigerators to the small coffee makers, we seem to own it all! I sat down one day and counted the number of electrical items in my kitchen – it came to more than a dozen!

There is literally a war between the appliances for space and plug points in the kitchen counter. The bulky ones (Microwave, OTG and the food processor) have won a place for themselves, but they still get pushed aside when the smaller ones (induction stove or the rice cooker or the sandwich maker or… or… or…) comes out. 

So when Harry suggested buying a Wet Grinder for making dosa and idly batter, I said NOOOOO. Nope. Nope. Nope – Can’t spare even an iota of space in the counter – Sorry!! The next alternative was to grind the batter using the mixie – and they resulted in rock-hard idlis. Sigh… so I took the simpler way out – packaged batter :D. My life has become easier and my kitchen counter has become slightly less messy :D!

Coming back to the food in pictures here, the Ragi dosai, I came across this event in Sanjeetha’s litebites. Now that I am a month-old blogger, I thought I would take part in this month’s WWC event ( Mind you, WWC – not WWF , I won’t last a minute there :D). This month’s whole grain is Ragi and the event is hosted by Kalyani of ‘What’s Cooking?’. You can read more about the event here. 

I have tried making Ragi dosai the proper way long back (thankfully, I don’t remember the recipe). I bought the Ragi flour packet and followed the recipe instructions given there and made dosas. It turned out to be too dry and Bebo flatly refused to eat it. Harry being braver than Bebo, had a small bite before running a mile away. Even I couldn’t eat them – that’s saying something, given that I am not at all fussy about food.

Now, I have found an easier alternative. I add the ragi flour to the regular dosa batter!  The resultant dosa has the soft texture of the regular dosa and the added goodness of ragi. So here is my entry to the WWC event, my version of Ragi dosa.


Regular Dosa Batter : 5 ladleful

Ragi Flour (powder) : 2 ladleful



  1. Add the Ragi flour to the dosa batter. 
  2. Add required amount of water to make the consistency same as regular dosa batter.
  3. Add a pinch salt, if required. 
  4. Make dosas the usual way and serve with chutney.


Vary the ragi quantity according to your personal taste.

Sending this healthy breakfast item to Jagruthi’s Know your Flours series, hosted for the month of November 2012 by PJ of Seduce your Tastebuds.


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