Recurring Characters

When you are talking about your kitchen and your cooking, you are bound to mention the ones who will be finally eating it too. So I thought I will introduce all the main characters of this blog. There are only three of us – I will write in a line about each.

I cook the food and Harish, (aka Harry/Hubby) my husband, is the taster No.1 or in other words – Guinea Pig (GP) No.1 . Our four year son Shreyas (aka Bebo/ Kiddo) is taster No.2 (GP #2). Well, the name Bebo is because he is not a baby anymore, but I am yet not ready to accept it. So I call him Bebo now and then, as it sounds like a different version of Baby.

Thanks to my inconsistent cooking, my husband and my son are on the skinny side!! Since you get to see only the virtual version, you needn’t worry about the weight part.

So starting the ABCs…..


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