First Steps

I have been planning to start a food blog for, oh so long a time, but never really got around doing it. So Like Bridget Jones, I renewed my New Year Resolutions for my birthday, which was on March 18th. And here I am…

I really LOVE cooking, but I am not a good cook. I have lots and lots of cookery books, most of them by Indian Authors. Since I started baking (or read as, since I started putting on weight), I have started purchasing International books too. But whatever be the source of my recipes, I am blessed with a quality to mess up :D. So even with the best of the recipes, you never know what will be the outcome!! Keeps life interesting, in my opinion.

This blog is a motivation for me to try the different recipes from all my books and show off to you guys and then pray as hell that it turns out nice.

My pillar of support in this endeavor is my hubby – Harish Dear. He has been asking me forever to start a blog (in the high hopes that he will get something different (and hopefully nice) to eat). Else he has been on a diet of Sambar and curry for the past six years we have been married.

So here is to the new year resolution, which is finally getting kicked off in March end…Well, if it was tomorrow, no one would believe me – being April Fools day. Back to the toast again – Here is to the first steps into the blogging world with ‘My Kitchen Trials’



3 thoughts on “First Steps

  1. hi rajani,
    u r generous with lots of info..just read the post of food from mumbai and i follow ur blog….i needed to ask u that whenever u would transfer ur blog from to , how would u transfer pageviews or traffic statistics or visitors till date?



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